Victoria Beckham May Undergo a Bunion Operation

Posted on Nov 20, 2013

Fashion expert Victoria Beckham is reportedly considering having a bunion operation.

Beckham is well known for her love of high-heeled shoes. In fact, when she was invited to make the opening pitch at a Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game in 2007, she wore wedge tennis shoes to the mound. Now, her love of unsupportive high heels may have caught up with her, as reports come out that she may need a bunion operation or else risk serious foot pain and complications.

Reports show that she requires bunion operations on both feet. Without having these surgeries, she risks not being able to wear heels again, some reports say. She can only have the operation on one foot at a time to allow the operated foot to heal adequately. Both feet need to be operated on within the next few years, according to an unidentified source within her circle.

After her bunion operation, Beckham can expect to rest her foot and not move around for a few days. Afterward, she will need to wear a supportive shoe to protect her toe while it heals. She may be required to wear flat shoes—something she is not used to—for as long as six months during the recovery time.

As Castle Pines bunion surgeons working in conjunction with a podiatry office that fits custom orthotics, we understand how important it is to many people to have fashion-forward shoes that support the feet while looking good at the same time. Having bunions operated on and treated is critical, and we hope that Beckham gets the treatment she needs to prevent serious, if not permanent, damage to her feet.

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