Why Bunion Surgery Maybe the Right Option for Your Feet

Have you ever had trouble fitting into the shoes of your dreams because your big toe bone protruded just a little too far? Bunions are deformities that cause the bone on your big toe to stick out. They can be caused by a number of issues, including genetic factors, poorly supportive shoes, and more.

Bunions are a slow progressive disease that develops over time. Because of this, many people hide their feet in their shoes and ignore the slowly growing bone by their big toe. Over time, this can lead to further discomfort and pain.

If you’re like many people, you’ve waited until your bunion has grown to a point that you are embarrassed or in constant pain. This can limit your treatment options. Bunion surgeries are a common form of treatment. Here are a few ways to know if having surgery may be your best treatment option:

  • Your big toe is chronically inflamed and does not respond to rest or medication

  • Your bunion is too advanced to respond to properly fitted shoes

  • Walking and other daily activities are limited because of the pain caused by your bunion

  • Your big toe is drifting toward your smaller toes

  • Pain medication does not give you adequate relief, or you do not want to rely on pain medication on a daily basis

Ignoring your bunion will not help it heal. If you notice a bunion growing on your big toe, it is a good idea to contact a podiatrist at Podiatry Associates. Seeing a podiatrist before your bunion becomes too painful and requires surgery can help.

If you do require surgical treatment for a bunion, choosing the right surgeon is critical. At Podiatry Associates, we are experienced at helping people find relief when they suffer from pain due to bunions. With our help, you can get the surgery your feet deserve and the post-operative care you need to prevent bunions from limiting your life again in the future.

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