Parental Guidance: How to Monitor Your Child’s Foot Health

As a parent, you want the best for your child. You want to help your children grow up to live healthy, happy lives in which they can enjoy their favorite activities. One of the best ways to provide this to your children is to ensure that their feet develop correctly.

Children’s feet require careful attention during development. Injuries, hereditary problems, and illness can all cause harm to your children’s feet as they grow. Early problems can cause injuries and chronic ailments during the adult years. To prevent your child from having future foot problems, there are a few things you can do to ensure your child’s feet develop correctly.

  • Start being aware of your child’s feet at birth. Any problems that develop before your child starts walking should be addressed immediately. Your child will not grow out of foot problems. Having those problems diagnoses and treated early on can prevent serious injury down the road.
  • Encourage your child to walk more. Walking is terrific exercise, especially when it comes to the health of your child’s feet. Colorado offers great areas where kids can walk, run, and play—and strengthen their feet at an early age. As your children walk or run, watch for developmental problems such as an unusual gait, toes pointing inward or outward, or knock-knees.
  • Put your child in the right shoes. Your children’s feet should have plenty of support and room to grow. Make sure they are wearing the right shoes to support their feet throughout development.
  • Don’t wait for your child to complain. Children’s feet are flexible and they may become injured or distorted without your child being aware there is a problem. Waiting for your child to complain can prolong the time he or she suffers from foot problems. Get treatment as soon as you notice an issue.

If you notice anything that could jeopardize the health of your child’s foot, podiatrists at Podiatry Associates may be able to help. Call us today at 303-805-5156 and schedule your appointment with a pediatric foot doctor at one of our offices in Castle Pines, Cherry Creek, or Parker, CO to ensure your child’s feet develop to be strong and healthy.