What foot problems are present at birth?

Congenital foot disordersThere are many different congenital foot problems (conditions that are present at birth). A few of these are obvious right away, including one of the most common congenital disorders – clubfoot. A clubbed foot is abnormally twisted down and inward, deforming the lower limb. Metatarsus adductus, which is a source of intoeing, is also obvious at birth.

Other conditions don’t present problems until later as the feet change and grow, even though the issue itself has been there the whole time. This is particularly common with tarsal coalition and accessory navicular. Tarsal coalition is an issue with excess bone or cartilage bridging and fusing two separate tarsals in the foot. This creates a rigid flatfoot, though symptoms don’t usually appear until adolescence. Accessory navicular is a problem with an extra bone on the inside of the arch. If this doesn’t fuse with the rest of the navicular bone in the arch, it can be prone to irritation and pain.

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