Do you offer high heel orthotics?

You’re not alone in your search for high heel orthotics. Many women, including our podiatrist Dr. O, love the look of high heels but hate the pain and deformities they cause on women’s feet.

When your friend told you that orthotics could help treat your bunion deformity, she was right. Many people have what is called first metatarsophalangeal joint (MTPJ). This is a long term that basically describes the compressed joint in your foot when you try to move. When people experience this joint pain, they subconsciously try to correct it, which in turn can create a bunion.

With orthotics, you get more functional control over your MTPJ, which can restore range of motion in your joints while you walk, and help you get back to a normal gait. The custom orthotics we make at Podiatry Associates also reduce the amount of compression force your foot endures.

Although orthotics are helpful in treating foot deformities such as bunions, we understand how important it is to look as great as you feel. That’s why we offer custom high heel orthotics at Castle Pines and Cherry Creek. Stop by and check out some of the types of shoes we offer and talk to a podiatrist so that you can get the treatment you need while still looking amazing!