What’s causing the pain in the ball of my foot?

Ball of foot painBall of the foot pain can have many different causes, but the most basic culprit is metatarsalgia. Metatarsalgia is a general condition that describes discomfort under the ball of the foot. It’s an overuse injury that causes inflammation, burning, and soreness where your toes meet your metatarsal bones.

Many issues can lead to metatarsalgia pain. Generally, the problem is related to excessive pressure on the forefoot. This can be the result of your natural foot mechanics, like having high or low arches, or an abnormally long metatarsal bone. Thinning of your foot pad tissue can be a culprit, as well as conditions like bunions or hammertoes. The shoes you wear might also be a factor. Fortunately, these are all treatable problems.

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