Can children get bunions?

Children and teens can definitely develop a juvenile bunion. This problem appears just like the one you find in adults—the big toe leans in toward the smaller digits, while its metatarsal tilts in the opposite direction. The joint where the two meet bulges out to the side of your child’s foot. Bunions in children are slightly different from adults, however. Although the deformity is the same, it doesn’t necessarily develop for the same reasons. The adult condition develops when the forefoot suffers under abnormal, excessive pressure for a long period of time. In children, the foot is usually hypermobile and not as secure in the joints. Stress from flat feet or bad shoes encourages the first metatarsal to drift and the big toe to tilt in, creating the bunion bulge.

The good news is that nearly all treatment types for a juvenile bunion are conservative. Children and teens rarely need surgery to manage discomfort and prevent the problem from getting worse. If your child has a bunion issue, let our team at Podiatry Associates, P.C. in Castle Pines, Cherry Creek in Denver, and Parker, CO, help care for it. Use our online form to make an appointment today.