How You Know You Need Professional Care

Feet on mountain meadowThere are plenty of things people are excited to see when they have the chance. The lines for tickets before big blockbuster movies, enthusiastic fans at concerts, and tourists in big cities all prove this. One thing you never see people excitedly lining up for, though, is a doctor’s appointment. People normally avoid going to a doctor as much as possible, and only set foot inside a medical office when they feel they don’t have another choice. Unfortunately, that attitude can allow problems to worsen. While this is obvious with illnesses, it’s also true for foot pain. In many cases, people need a podiatrist long before they actually make the appointment.

So that raises the question, of course: when should you see a podiatrist? Exactly when will vary slightly with the issue in your lower limbs. Some small injuries will resolve themselves after a couple days’ worth of home treatments. You may not need additional help. For any obvious changes in your lower limbs, injuries that are extremely painful, problems that keep you from walking, or discomfort that lasts more than a couple days, however, you need a podiatrist.

These foot and ankle specialists are trained to be experts in all things related to the lower limbs. This includes fractures, bunions, heel pain, foot fungus, and even catching cancers in the feet and ankles. If you’re at all concerned about something in your lower limbs, you should make an appointment.

Many chronic conditions require invested foot care. This is especially the case with diabetes and poor circulation. Both increase your risk for foot problems like ulcers, and make it much harder for you to fight even the smallest of infections. To stay healthy, you need regular foot care both at home and from a specialist.

All in all, whether or not you need a podiatrist boils down to this: is your foot in pain, or do you have a preexisting condition that needs care? If you can answer yes, even if the pain is mild and “livable” for now, you should see a podiatrist. Our team at Podiatry Associates, P.C. in Castles Pines and Parker, CO, are here to help. We can also answer question you may have about your feet and whether or not you need treatment. Contact us online, or try calling (303) 805-5156.
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