New Foot Sensor Helps With Diabetic Foot Ulcer Prevention

Posted on Nov 20, 2013

New wireless shoe inserts just hit the market helping diabetics in Parker and across the nation manage neuropathy.

Neuropathy is an effect of diabetes that causes foot numbness. As a result, persons with diabetes can develop ulcers and infections that can wreak havoc on their body. With the release of the new SurroSense RX by Orpyx Medical Technologies, diabetics can prevent foot ulcers by monitoring their feet more closely.

SurroSense works by collecting data on where people put significant pressure on their feet. For example, putting too much pressure on the heels of the feet can cause foot numbness. When this happens, the sensor alerts diabetics that they are at risk of developing an ulcer in that area.

The goal of the device is to prevent diabetic foot ulcers for patients in Colorado and around the United States by alerting people who may not feel foot pressure due to neuropathy. Foot ulcers can lead to amputation. By detecting ulcers early on, persons with diabetes can have the ulcers treated, which can eventually save their toes, feet, or legs from needing to be amputated.

Initially, Orpyx had a different vision for the SurroSense. After significant consumer testing, they threw that idea out. The SurroSense now attaches onto the shoe in a discreet manner. It sends alerts to a smart watch on the wearer’s wrist, so that persons with diabetes can be in constant touch managing the health of their feet. This, they feel, is more reliable as tests showed that many people ignore smartphone alerts.

The device costs initially costs around $695. Sensor insert for the shoes last approximately 12 to 18 months, then must be replaced; replacement inserts cost $325. The company expects these prices to drop as sales increase.

The new product is expected to be available in Colorado podiatry clinics by the end of the year.

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