Fashion Week 2018 in January introduced loud and proud men’s footwear, particularly in sandals. quoted Marni house designer Francesco Risso as saying, “Footwear was the most important thing in the collection.” His zip-up fireman-like boots and sneakers were intended, he said, to look like “a child putting on his father’s shoes.” Bold colors, oddly overblown proportions in soles and crisscross ankle strap versions that tie around a man’s calf are not likely to be seen anywhere but the Milan runway.

That said, sandal season in the Northern Hemisphere is right around the corner for women and men.

And that means men must bring out the presentable version of their feet for the season. It’s not okay to stride into work or even spend a casual weekend day revealing feet with cracked heels, thick and jagged yellow toenails. Besides being unpleasant to look at, crusty and fungus filled toenails will cost you a business deal and will cause people to want to sit farther away from you in Coors Baseball Stadium than if your man-feet are properly groomed and healthy.

Moist conditions are like a petri dish for fungus. You can catch fungus at public pools, fitness centers and locker rooms. Do your feet sweat? Do you wear work boots or the same shoes over and over without the benefit of socks?

Before you take your feet public in sandals, give them the once-over:

  • Discolored nails. First yellowish or white spots showing at the tip of the nail that darken, indicate fungus.
  • Thickened, brittle, fragile nails are another symptom.

If you suspect you have toenail fungus contact Podiatry Associates PC at 303-805-5156 for an appointment. Treatments include topical medications applied daily, oral meds, and Fungal Nail Laser treatment.

We offer a variety of care packages for fungal nails depending on your specific condition. The number of sessions needed will depend upon the severity of your toenail fungus and the number of nails affected, explains Dr. Cynthia Oberholtzer-Classen DPM, founder and owner.

The Platinum Packages is the best value and addresses all 10 toes including 3 laser treatment protocol and free SteriShoe Shoe Sterilizer.

Because toenail fungus can affect one foot and not the other, we offer a Gold Package treating 1 – 5 toes on the same foot with 3 laser treatments and free SteriShoe Shoe Sterilizer. Plus we offer Booster laser treatments, Sterishoe Sanitizer, Tenacide, Tineacide, Fortinia Solution, and Fortina Pump Topical anti-fungal for nails and Terpenicol.

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