As a person with diabetes, you know that one of the most common ailments diabetes causes is foot injury. Foot injuries can be minor, or they can be so severe that they require amputation of a toe, foot, or leg.

One of the most common foot injuries among diabetics is neuropathy. Diabetics often suffer from this condition that impacts the nerves in the feet, making it difficult to sense pain. Without the sensation of pain, you may not know that you are injured, which could lead to more severe injuries over time.

There are a few ways you can protect yourself from diabetic neuropathy:

  • Protect your feet. Wearing shoes is the easiest way to protect your feet on a regular basis. By wearing shoes inside and outside the house, you can avoid risk of stepping on foreign sharp objects or burning yourself. You should also protect your feet when you are not wearing shoes. When you are getting into the shower or bath, use your elbow to test the temperature of the water so that you do not burn your feet.
  • Get a medical pedicure. Getting a medical pedicure to have your nails and calluses trimmed can do more than just make your feet feel good. It can also help you gauge the severity of the Neuropathy. If you do not feel anything while having your nails trimmed or your calluses removed, you may need a thorough podiatric examination to evaluate advances in your neuropathy.
  • Check your feet daily. Doing a visual check for any changes to the tops and bottoms of your feet can help you find any new injuries that you may not have felt.

Checking for neuropathy is a critical step toward keeping your diabetic foot protected. If you suspect that you have neuropathy, it is important that you reach out to a trained diabetic foot doctor for help. Contact Podiatry Associates at 303-805-5156 to schedule your appointment at our Castle Pines, Cherry Creek or Parker, CO locations, so that you can learn how to protect your feet from serious injury.

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