Accessory Navicular: Extra Isn’t Always Excellent

Elitch Gardens Water Park in nearby Denver, CO has unveiled a new 6-story water slide complete with a half pipe and appropriately called Slidezilla. You can expect extra-long lines to ride this beast, but the extra fun will be worth it! Extra isn’t always excellent though. An extra bone in your foot causing monstrous pain, for instance, is an extra you could do without.

Accessory navicular is a condition involving an extra bone incorporated into the posterior tibial tendon located on the inner side of your foot above the arch. It is something you’re born with but don’t always suffer from any symptoms. Often times it takes a trauma like an ankle sprain to aggravate the problem. Excessive activity and chronic rubbing and irritation from footwear can also contribute. A bony bump becomes visible and can be red, swollen, tender, and even blistered. It is often accompanied by leg fatigue and throbbing pain in the midfoot and arch. Most often it occurs in early adolescence, but sometimes it is present in adulthood as well. Having flat feet, and participating in ballet, soccer, or ice skating can all increase your risk. However, before you cancel your plans to take on Slidezilla, here are some tips to fight off your symptoms:

Rest! Taking stress off of the bony protrusion is essential to easing pain and inflammation. Ice and medication can help with that as well. You may need a temporary walking boot or cast to keep your foot immobile. Physical therapy exercises can help strengthen your foot and avoid a repeat of the problem. Orthotics slipped inside your shoes can provide the cushion and extra stability your foot needs, redistributing weight away from the painful area, and preventing recurrence. When all conservative options have been exhausted to no avail, surgery can be performed to remove and replace the extra bone, repair the tendon, and reshape the arch.

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