Treating Stress Fractures of the Feet

Sometimes exercising, playing sports, or daily walking can lead to stress fractures of the feet. Watch this video to learn more about stress fractures and treatment for these injuries.

Typically associated with overuse or sports injuries, stress fractures begin when the inside of the bone starts to swell. If the bone becomes weakened enough, the cortex of the bone will break—creating tiny cracks in the bone. When this happens, the human body will attempt to heal the stress fracture; however, our bodies will develop a callus around the bone, which prevents our bodies from healing the fracture properly.

In order to have your stress fracture heal nicely, it is important that you seek an early diagnosis and treatment from a skilled podiatrist. Call Podiatry Associates in Parker or Castle Pines for a consultation today at 303-805-5156 or reach us online at

Dr. Cynthia Oberholtzer-Classen, DPM
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