Seek Foot Pain Relief from Podiatry Associates P.C.

"I was starting to encounter quite a bit of pain, both in my left and right feet." 

"I had a significant problem with my left foot."

"I had been struggling with plantar fasciitis for a year and a half."

"One day I was having extreme pain in my right foot and I thought, 'Wow, what's going on?'"

"My foot was swollen and I was not able to take my foot out from my shoes after I walked."

"I was having trouble with my foot and everybody kept on telling me, 'It's only plantar fasciitis.'"

"Heel pain is such a common issue that we see here in podiatry offices, primarily because of what’s required in our daily life, our amount of time on our feet, and our activities that we enjoy."

"I mean, to walk around with pain, every day and all day is dramatic, and you never know how dramatic it is until after you’ve been treated."

"Patients should visit a podiatrist whenever they feel anything abnormal in their feet. Pain in your feet is not a normal thing."

"I lived with this pain for so long, and it was excruciating, and now I don’t. It was not invasive, it was very comfortable, and what more can you ask for?" 

"This office here in Castle Pines has been here a little over a year and we opened this practice as our flagship podiatry location, where we do podiatry and physical therapy. We have the majority of our lasers in this office."

"The pain laser, which is referred to as the MLS pain laser, essentially what that means is that there are two different laser frequencies. The two frequencies target two different areas, and that’s what makes this system so special."

"Nail laser technology to help eliminate fungus has been around for many years now. What you can see her working with here is a laser that does not give off a very big heat signal at all, thus it will not burn the toe and it will not damage the nail. That laser is able to penetrate and kill the fungus that is embedded in and underneath the nail."

"Both in the Castle Pines location and in the Parker location, we have a separate digital x-ray system. Nowadays with new advances in technology, we are able to capture digital x-rays and be able to see them almost simultaneously on our laptops or mobile tablets. The beauty of an ultrasound machine is that opposed to an x-ray, that just shows us a two-dimensional video of the bones and the alignment of the foot and ankle, an ultrasound is a live imaging. I can see the bones but also the ligaments and the tendons, and when we move those structures, we can see the exact areas where they might be inflamed or sore."

"This device is our smart scan neuropathy device. It tests for peripheral neuropathy in patients. Neuropathy is the loss of sensation."

"A medical pedicure means that all of our instruments are sanitized through an autoclave which is available in a medical office. Also, because we work in a podiatry office, we’re able to have podiatrists on hand so, if I see any concerns with their feet, I can pull one of the podiatrists here and they can take a look at their feet while they’re here in the office." 

"One of the reasons that I put this clinic together with all of the different providers and services we have available is so we can make this a ‘one stop shop’." 

"I love the idea that I’m working here in a podiatry office because I see the patients that they physicians see, so we can talk to each other about what they’re having trouble with, or I can go in and see the imaging results that they have or I can read the surgical reports. I know a lot more about patients who are coming in directly from the podiatry clinic."

"One of the benefits of the physical therapy department in our office is that they are experts in foot and ankle rehabilitation." 

"When you’re dealing with your feet, you want to make sure somebody’s going to take good care of you."

"People feel very comfortable when they come into our clinic because they know that they’re getting the full range of treatment options available to them, and they know that they’re being treated by people who really care to make them better." 

"What I like about Dr. O is that she’s extremely conservative."

"We say that she’s got the most energy of anybody here in Parker, CO, or in Castle Pines. Always on top of it, always in a good mood - when she walks into the office and walks out of the office."

"Oh, she’s like my friend now. I love her, she’s friendly, she eases all my fears, she makes me feel comfortable. I don’t think I’d go anywhere else."

"My life is back. I can walk, I can exercise, I can ride my bike, and it’s an incredible feeling to get my life back."

"I feel so much better. It’s made a world of difference because every day I was in a great deal of pain."

"What they’ve done for me and what they’ve done for other friends that I’ve recommended here has been just significant."

"Right now, we’ve got three office locations. Our primary office location is here in Castle Pines, CO and this is where we house most of our newer technology, including the pain laser and the nail therapy laser. Our second office is in Parker Hospital, in the Alpine building, suite 311. That office is very nice to be located in the hospital, in our community, so that we have great interaction with a lot of the other physicians just down the hall."

"What really makes me happy about my job is seeing people progress and get better and get back to what they were doing before they had that injury or before they had surgery."

"I like to get people back to their activities that they enjoy, and it makes me feel like I’ve done a good job, when I go home at the end of the day and I’ve made people feel better."