Addressing Your Foot and Ankle Pain Through Physical Therapy Treatment

You need your foot and ankle to function properly so that you can get around, work, and exercise. When you have foot pain or an ankle problem, or if you are recovering after foot and ankle surgery, you will see a significant improvement with physical therapy treatment. Please watch this video to learn more about our foot and ankle rehabilitation and physical therapy services.

At Podiatry Associates, we have our own physical therapy practice on site so that our patients can work hand-in-hand with our podiatrists and physical therapists for an ultimate recovery. You may need to see a physical therapist for preventative care, after an initial injury, or following surgery. The physical therapists at Castle Pines design treatment plans and put together programs to help you recover and feel your best. Not only do physical therapists help patients recover from foot and ankle injuries, but they are fully trained to treat all areas of the body.

Physical therapy has proven to be successful in the treatment and healing of patients’ feet injuries. To learn more about our physical therapy rehabilitation, contact us at 303-805-5156 or online at

Dr. Cynthia Oberholtzer-Classen, DPM
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