Treatment Options for Foot and Ankle Injuries

Did you fall down the stairs or trip over something that caused you to suffer an ankle sprain or an acute trauma to the foot? If so, you are more than likely experiencing pain and swelling and are wondering what you should do to treat your injury.

Whether you fell or suffered a soft tissue sports injury such as a strain or sprain, it is best to learn how to treat your foot and ankle injury. If your foot has started to swell, one of the first treatment options is the “RICE” method. It stands for Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Additionally, you may want to take an anti-inflammatory medication. By doing these things, you will help reduce your swelling and relive your pain. If your foot and ankle pain and swelling haven’t subsided, you may want to see a podiatrist. At Podiatry Associates, we can run x-rays or an MRI to determine what type of foot and ankle injury you sustained.

We can help you get back on your feet after an injury with a plan developed specifically for you. Contact us at 303-805-5156 to reach our Parker or Castle Pines offices or online at

Dr. Cynthia Oberholtzer-Classen, DPM
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