What did we do well for you?

I met Dr. O in the latter of 2012, when she helped to diagnose a cancer (synovial sarcoma) rarely found on the foot. At the time I had a job on my feet and had a small but bothersome bump on the instep of my left foot. For several years I was told it was nothing to worry about, but should be remover (Finally!). So, when I met her, my apprehension was nothing more than taking a week off from work after. When she called me after the routine biopsy to come in to see her right away...the hairs stood up on the back of my neck. She not only gave me comfort, she did research and gave me the name of a doc at "Wound Preservation" who took me under his wing and saved my foot/leg (common practice would have been removal). She cares for my reconstructive foot to this day, as I have had all sorts of meddlesome problems due to radiation. She is my angel, wouldn't trade her for any other (psst...don't let it go to your head doc.) And to mention her staff...THE BEST!!

(August 2018)

Genie W.