Make Recurring Heel Pain a Thing of the Past!

"My name is Maggie Murphy and I work for Comcast. I was starting to encounter quite a bit of pain, both in my left and right feet. Both plantar fasciitis and some heel problems that were significant enough to cause me a great deal of pain. They always asked me that, when I came into the office, on a level from 1-10 and it was easily a 10. It was in the back of my foot and I do a lot of walking in my job, which is sales. It just made it extraordinarily difficult, not only to do my job effectively but to just wear shoes. 

I came in to see Dr. O. I really felt strongly about seeing a doctor instead of going to an orthotic store. Thank goodness that I found them - I’m thrilled that I found them. I love Dr. O. I feel really comfortable here. All the ladies here are so welcoming and kind and warm and it just feels right.

Dr. O kind of took one look at me and she knew by asking me several questions about my daily life and the shoes that I wear and so on and so forth, she was able to diagnose my problems relatively quick. We talked about a variety of different treatments and what I like about Dr. O is that she’s extremely conservative. She’s not one that is going to put you on some plan that is not only going to cost you an arm and a leg but she just is very careful about the treatment options that she recommends, and pain laser is one that she highly recommended for me and I’m so glad she did because it worked. Literally after the first five treatments out of ten, I noticed a considerable difference. My right foot certainly is quite a bit better and we’re still working on my left. I feel so much better. It’s made a world of difference because every day I was in a great deal of pain. 

It’s very relaxing! It’s almost like a spa treatment. You just come in and you are in a very comfortable position. They put some pain laser on you and you don’t even feel it - I sit there and I either read or I’m on my phone and it’s ten minutes and it’s done. Sometimes you’ll even walk out of the office feeling immediately better. To walk around with pain every day and all day is dramatic, and you never know how dramatic it is until after you’ve been treated, and then you finally realize, ‘Wow, I lived with this pain for so long and it was excruciating, and now I don’t!’ It was not invasive, it was very comfortable, what more can you ask for?"

Maggie M.