Using SmartSKAN to Diagnose Peripheral Neuropathy

When it comes to nerve damage, early detection is essential to manage the condition and prevent it from worsening. Typically, with neuropathy testing it is the larger nerves that are assessed—those that control motor skills and sensations. Visible symptoms such as numbness, tingling, and muscle weakness usually alert you to the problem, but what if you could diagnose damage before any symptoms even appear? With SmartSKAN, that is a possibility

Doctor Examining FootSmaller Nerves, Better Results

It’s your body’s small, autonomic nerves—controlling functions such as blood pressure, sweating, and digestion— that are the most susceptible to damage. With this in mind, being able to assess these specific, smaller nerves could give you a crucial head start on identifying a problem. That’s exactly what the technologically-advanced SmartSKAN does! It’s not only the best tool for early detection of peripheral neuropathy, but also an excellent source of information regarding the overall condition of your entire autonomic nervous system. This includes your eyes, heart, and respiratory system along with other vital functions and organs.

Detecting Danger

SmartSKAN is the only non-invasive, objective, 3-minute test for effective early detection of different types of neuropathy, including (but not limited to):

Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy (CAN)—this is the most severe form of autonomic nerve damage which can lead to multiple cardiovascular problems, from low blood pressure to heart failure. When you hear of a jogger dying of a heart attack, this is typically the cause. This test can catch it early.

Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy—this is not only the most common complication of diabetes, it is also the most common reason for amputations. Early diagnosis can help with the ongoing management of the condition and the prevention of such serious consequences.

How it Works

Sweat glands are filled with tiny nerves that can easily be damaged. Sweat dysfunction, then, is one of the earliest detectable signs of damage to the nervous system—revealed only by SmartSKAN before any clinical symptoms can even be noticed.

A low DC current is applied to the skin on your hands and feet, stimulating the chloride ions located in the sweat glands. During this process, the electrical skin conductance (ESC) is measured. This is the ratio between the current produced and the resulting voltage. The slower the rate of voltage, the greater occurrence of sweat gland dysfunction, which in turn means the greater occurrence of neuropathy.

Is It For You?

If you have diabetes or are experiencing unexplained foot pain, find out more about SmartSKAN—our top-of-the-line tool in neuropathy testing.  The Podiatry Associates, Inc. team are here to help! We can answer any questions you have and determine if the procedure is right for you. We will take into consideration other symptoms that may be present, as well as your medical and family history. Call (303) 805-5156 for an appointment, or visit one of our convenient Podiatry Associates, Inc. locations in Castle Pines, Cherry Creek, Parker, and Aurora CO. We are also happy to serve the Denver, Aurora, and Centennial communities. Don’t let nerve damage go too far. Stop it early by calling us today!

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