Treating Odd Leg Lengths With Custom Orthotics

Posted on Dec 20, 2013

A new report for chiropractors shows that orthotics can mend differing leg lengths in people.

When one leg is longer than the other, it is called a leg length discrepancy. This is a condition that impacts approximately 32 percent of people, according to one study. The study measured 600 people and found that about a third had about a one-fifth to three-fifths of an inch difference in the lengths of their legs.

The amount of a leg length difference may be too small for a person to notice, but the impact can be serious if not treated. People who have a leg length discrepancy may be more likely to have pain in their back, hips, and knees. They may also walk with an uneven gait or experience foot problems.

Now, chiropractors and podiatrists in Colorado and across the country are finding that custom orthotics can help people who have less than one inch of leg length discrepancy. With custom orthotics created for both feet, people can get the same level of support on both legs. Podiatrists take a casting of both feet and then send them to a lab. The orthotics are then made using plastic or leather to support the biomechanics of the foot.

Other methods of correction for leg length discrepancies are heel or shoe lifts. These are worn for more extreme cases, or cases that are not resolved using the help of custom orthotics.

As custom orthotic podiatrists in Castle Pines and Parker, we are happy to see more people getting benefit out of their increased foot support to correct problems not only in the feet but also in the rest of the body.

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