Tenex Health Treatment: A Heel Pain Solution

Heel pain is one of those problems that has the potential to get worse, possibly causing you long-term discomfort. There are a wide variety of noninvasive treatment methods that you can easily accommodate —but for a small group of people, these conservative methods are not effective. The pain persists and interrupts your life. Fortunately, you do have other treatment options that could offer you the plantar fasciitis relief you are looking for, including the new Tenex health treatment.

When You’re Out of Conservative Options

For the vast majority of people living with heel pain, conservative treatments are very successful for eliminating the discomfort and addressing the problem. Shoe changes, orthotics, stretches, and more all help alleviate the irritation and stiffness in your heels. A few people, however, may find that these methods are not enough. No matter what you try, your heel pain doesn’t improve—or it even continues to worsen.

In this case, heel pain surgery becomes a realistic option. Surgery done right is highly effective. A heel release can lengthen a tightened plantar fascia band or other connector, reducing the pressure on the back of the foot. The recovery time for a release is 4 to 6 months in a walking boot.

Tenex: Treating the Pain at the Source

Tenex health treatment is an alternative to traditional heel pain surgery that addresses the problem at the source and has low risks for you. This method uses a tiny incision to directly intervene with the damaged connectors, limiting how much healthy tissue gets affected—which helps your healing in the long run. First, our physicians use ultrasound imaging to pinpoint the location of the damaged tissue. Then that area of your foot is carefully numbed with local anesthesia. After that, a tiny incision is made to insert a special tool, so it reaches the targeted tendon. This tool then uses ultrasonic energy to carefully and safely breakdown and eliminate the damaged tissues.

Because this process targets only the damaged areas, the healthy surrounding tissues are unaffected. That along with the tiny incision means your healing time is much quicker than it might be with a more traditional procedure. Recovery time is about 6 weeks.

Is Tenex Health Treatment Right for You?

Ultimately, the best way to determine if Tenex health treatment is right for your heels is to have your feet evaluated by experienced experts like our team at Podiatry Associates, P.C. We will carefully diagnose your heel pain and help you determine if you need an invasive procedure or not. Like other heel pain surgeries, this method is saved for people whose heels aren’t responding to conservative methods. Instead, your heel pain may stay the same or even worsen despite treatment over several months. If this is the case for you, Tenex might be the answer for your discomfort.

No one should have to settle for living with heel pain, even if nothing else has worked. You might just need a little extra intervention from a heel pain procedure like Tenex surgery treatments. Let our experts help you determine what your heels need. Make an appointment online or by calling (303) 805-5156 to reach our Denver, Parker, or Castle Pines, CO offices to see if this could be what you need to live pain free.