ClearANail Clears Up Toenail Fungus Fast!

All it takes is a small opening in the skin – a tiny tear in the nail bed – for toenail fungus to make its way in and wreak havoc, causing your nails to turn discolored and distorted. Once it takes hold, the fungus is hard to get rid of and can even spread. The struggle is real! However, the solution is here.

If you’re fighting toenail fungus, you’ve come to the right place! We have a host of treatments for fungal nail infections ranging from prescription-strength topical and oral medications to fungal nail laser therapy and the latest ClearANail technology – something you can’t find anywhere else in Colorado!

Healthy ToenailsClearing the Way

Typically, topical treatments alone are ineffective because they have a hard time making their way through your damaged, thickened nail to the source of the fungal infection below. Medication doesn’t absorb completely through, remaining on the top layers of the nail instead of reaching the root of the problem beneath it.

ClearANail can help! This procedure creates tiny, microscopic holes in your nail, clearing a path for medication to penetrate all the way through to where the fungus has taken hold underneath. This allows for a higher concentration of medication to reach and treat the infection. In addition, the system’s Controlled Micro Penetration, or CMP, uses smart-sensor technology, automatically sensing when the nail bed has been reached so as not to disturb or damage any healthy surrounding tissue or cause any pain.  A single treatment is all that is needed and lasts just 20 minutes, so not only is it effective, it’s efficient! It can also be paired with our laser treatments for an even faster turnaround of results.

A Clear Choice

When you opt for ClearANail toenail fungus treatment, and especially if you combine it with our fungal nail laser, you can expect to see your fungal nail symptoms begin to clear up within 4 to 8 weeks. That’s a lot faster than over the counter options or even prescription medicine alone. The tiny holes remain in your nail plate so medication can continue to be applied, eliminating the fungus while the affected nail grows out and a new, healthy, and clear toenail takes its place. The total treatment time is 4 months.

It’s important to follow post-treatment instructions carefully for ClearANail to yield successful results. Medications will need to be applied several times a day to clean, dry feet (you should cleanse your feet daily). It is recommended to treat shoes with UV Sterishoe sanitizer so as not to promote favorable fungus conditions, and also, make sure to wear clean, cotton socks, changing them if they become sweaty. Do not polish nails to hide their discoloration as this will obstruct the tiny holes and render the process ineffective.

Call if You Want Clear Nails!

If you are struggling with yellow, thick, brittle, crumbly, and smelly fungal toenails that just won’t go away, call us to find out more about the revolutionary ClearANail procedure that no other podiatrist in the area offers! Just dial (303) 805-5156 and we’ll be happy to tell you more, answer any questions you have, and make an appointment to clear up your toenail fungus fast!