Children’s Physical Therapy

Children's physical therapy Kids are pretty resilient. They can bounce back after injuries and jump right into sports and other activities. With some serious injuries, however, the return isn’t that simple—the body may need help regaining normal strength and power to be able to enjoy activities without pain again. More than that, some children have physical disabilities that make normal movement difficult. The answer to these dilemmas is, of course, pediatric physical therapy.

Why Kids Need Physical Therapy

Pediatric physical therapy, also known as physical therapy for children, uses exercises to help your child’s body in a variety of ways to alleviate pain and improve motion. This can include increasing flexibility and range of motion, building strength, accommodating physical disabilities, and helping heal the body after injuries. Exactly what physical therapy does for your child will depend entirely on what he or she needs. It can be used to help children develop physical skills, like walking or balancing; to recover strength to return to daily activities or sports; to reduce discomfort when your child moves; and even to prevent injuries later on.

How Therapy Can Address Issues

There are a few reasons your son or daughter might need pediatric physical therapy: a congenital disability, an illness or disease, or an injury are the main ones.

Congenital Disability – These are conditions a child has at birth that may impair normal movement or limb function. Therapy is adapted to help your child learn to move and use his or her limbs correctly as much as possible.

Illness or Disease – Some illnesses or diseases may develop in your son or daughter as he or she grows that cause disabilities and weaknesses, making normal activities difficult or painful. Physical therapy is designed to help your child overcome these obstacles as much as possible and restore range of motion and strength in your child’s limbs.

Injuries – Kids get hurt. It’s a normal part of life. Some injuries are from overuse, and need proper conditioning to strengthen your child’s body enough to eliminate the problem. Some injuries are traumatic, though, and can get in the way of motion and limb function. Therapy works to restore your child’s ability to move and enjoy activities in either case.

What to Expect from Your Child’s Physical Therapy

In general, physical therapy aims toward a few main goals: limb function, movement, and pain relief. Dr. Jennifer Molner will examine your child’s condition and establish a plan to help meet your child’s unique needs. Our staff will also teach you and your son or daughter the various exercises and stretches he or she will perform for physical therapy.

Exactly what this looks like will depend entirely on what is being treated. Your child may stretch more or move limbs in particular ways to loosen tight tissue. He or she may have to practice balancing or using the correct muscles to perform a task. Your child may be asked to do small exercises that practice and improve strength or limb mobility. There are other methods, too, besides just stretching and exercising. Massage may be a part of your child’s treatment, or other types of tissue stimulation.

Physical therapy for children could be an important factor in your son or daughter’s ability to move and participate in activities. Let our experienced team at Castle Pines Physical Therapy in Castle Pines, CO, help your children stay fit and moving! Make an appointment with us today by calling (303) 805-5156 or using the online request form.