When can you see results from cold laser therapy?

Some of our patients elect to have laser therapy performed to address a variety of medical issues like treating skin cancer, moles and birthmarks. In these cases, it is normal to wonder how long it will take to see cold laser therapy results. Unfortunately, it is difficult to provide an estimate without taking into consideration the condition being treated, whether or not we are using it with other therapies, and even the individual patient. Additionally, some conditions will require multiple treatment sessions.

The best practice for understanding when you will be able to see the results from laser treatment is to discuss the matter with one of the doctors at any of our three Colorado podiatrist offices.

Cold laser therapy is a medical procedure that comes with an array of benefits for patients who suffer from different conditions. Find out if laser treatment is right for you by calling Podiatry Associates, P.C. at (303) 805-5156. You can also request your appointment at our Castle Pines, Cherry Creek, or Parker, CO offices online today.