What types of injuries can be seen in an ultrasound?

Ultrasound for your feetUltrasound is a valuable form of diagnostic test that lets specialists like our team at Podiatry Associates, P.C. see soft tissue damage in your lower limbs. This is extremely helpful since these types of injuries aren’t really visible on an X-ray image. Ultra-sonic sound waves reflect back pictures of tendon and ligament tears, soft tissue lumps and bumps, and even nerve damage like Morton’s neuroma. It’s common for foreign bodies to appear in these diagnostic images. It may show bursitis and capsulitis in the joints as well. It can even evaluate the severity of plantar fasciitis and help guide direct injections of medication. In some cases it’s used to help plan out surgical procedures.

Ultimately, ultrasound can be used for a lot of things related to soft tissues. If you’re struggling with an injury that isn’t showing up on X-rays, you might have better luck with an ultrasound evaluation. Let our team of experts at Castle Pines Physical Therapy help you today. Request a consultation online, or call in to our Castle Pines office or associated location, Cherry Creek in Denver, CO at (303) 805-5156.