What should I look for in a basketball shoe?

Get yourself into the right pair of basketball shoesBasketball shoes are nearly as important to the sport as the ball and the hoops. That’s why finding basketball shoes that fit and support you correctly is so necessary. Make sure the rubber sole has a tread pattern that’s helpful for rapid direction changes, particularly on court surfaces. Consider whether you want the ankle support from high tops, or you’d rather have the lighter low top styles. Make sure the arches meet your support needs. Check out the shock absorption, too. Some models have special liners and other interior features to help absorb and distribute hard impacts when you land jumps.

It’s typically best to get your basketball shoes fitted by a professional who understand sports footwear and can help you find the best pair for your style of play. The general rules for fitting footwear still apply—have your feet measured, try on shoes late in the day when your feet are at their largest, and only pick comfortable pairs. If you’re having any trouble finding basketball shoes, let our team at Podiatry Associates, P.C. help you. Make an appointment at one of our locations in Parker, Castle Pines, or Cherry Creek, CO, through our website or by calling (303) 805-5156.