What are good exercises for a shoulder injury?

Wall push-upPain from a shoulder injury can make it very difficult to perform normal daily tasks, but some basic physical therapy can strengthen the tissues and enable your shoulder to recover more quickly. Try simple exercises to start, like the pendulum. Bending over with one hand on a counter for balance, let the other arm hang freely. Slowly swing it back and forth ten times, then repeat with side-to-side and circular motions.

Wall push-ups are also helpful. To do these, face a wall with your hands flat against it and your arms extended. Slowly do a push-up and hold it for five seconds. Repeat this five times, twice a day. A shoulder press-up is another option. Sit in a chair with armrests and your feet flat on the floor. Slowly push yourself up like you’re going to stand, but using only your arms. Hold for five seconds, then lower and repeat five times.

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