What is involved with manual therapy?

Manual therapyManual therapy is a specialized form of physical therapy that involves a highly-trained expert using his or her hands, instead of a machine, to treat a problem. Dr. Jennifer Molner carefully uses her hands to apply pressure to muscle tissue or joints. This manipulation or massage then helps relax soft tissues, increase circulation, and improve flexibility. It can also help your mobility. Careful, slow twists, pulls, and pushes maneuver bones and joints into their correct position and alignment. This improves your physical function and helps alleviate your pain.

This does have to be done very carefully. Not all physical therapists are trained to provide this kind of specialized care. Dr. Jennifer Molner at Castle Pines Physical Therapy is licensed to perform this type of conservative, non-invasive, effective therapy. If you’re struggling with pain or loss of mobility in your joints or your back, let our team help take care of it. Call our Castle Pines, CO, office or Cherry Creek location at (303) 805-5156 for an appointment.