What are ways I can prevent dry skin on my feet?

Prevent dry skin on your feetDry skin on the feet can be an uncomfortable problem that actually puts you at risk for infections and other secondary issues. Preventing all of this is relatively simple, though, and easy to add to your daily foot care.

Use moisturizing soap when you wash your feet every day, and avoid excessively hot water. Apply ointment or cream after you wash and dry your lower limbs to re-hydrate the skin. It’s best if you put on clean socks afterwards to help lock in the moisture. Use shoes that allow your feet to breathe, so you don’t sweat excessively. Drink plenty of water so your whole body stays hydrated, too; this helps your skin stay healthy from the inside.

If you struggle with callus build-up drying out your feet, periodically use a pumice stone to soften them up.

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