What are the benefits of Physical Therapy?

Physical therapyWhether you are suffering from a recent injury or a long-standing one, physical therapy can put you on the road to recovery, and even speed the process along.

Physical Therapists are musculoskeletal specialists, who are trained to rehabilitate you back to doing the things you love. The experts at Castle Pines Physical Therapy will assess your ailments then determine a treatment plan specifically designed for you. A variety of equipment may be utilized to help re-train your muscles, including: therabands, weights, physioballs, balance pads, the bosu, stretching straps, stationary bikes, and treadmills. If joint mobility is an issue, manual therapy will be applied.

Education is essential to the recovery process as well. We teach you all of the tools necessary to perform the exercises you need to regain strength and function. Additionally, you will enjoy one-on-one sessions with a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Our goal is not only to get you back in your game, but to keep you there. Let our team of experts at Castle Pines Physical Therapy help you today. Request a consultation online, or call in to our Castle Pines office or associated location in Cherry Creek at (303) 805-5156.

Photo credit: Praisaeng via freedigitalphotos.net