Should you be worried if your child has flat feet?

Flat feet in childrenAs your child grows, one of the most quickly changing areas of his body will be his feet. At birth, your baby’s bones have not completely hardened, leaving them soft and malleable as they develop. There is also a lack of contour to your baby’s feet, because the fat covering the muscles and bone structure usually hides the shape of his feet.

As your child grows and starts to walk, an arch is formed and the baby fat is spread to the appropriate areas of the foot to provide cushioning. In some children, an arch does not form or is less strongly developed. This condition is called pes planus, or flat feet. Parents should be aware of this, as it can have a profound impact on their child’s foot health.

If your child has flat feet, here are a few of the ways he may be impacted:

  • He may avoid running or playing sports because of the pain or discomfort of having flat feet.
  • Flat feet can lead to obesity, due to a lack of activity.
  • Flat feet can also lead to children being shy or having difficulty developing social skills, because they avoid common child social activities.

Custom orthotics can help correct this issue, helping your child feel more confident while being active on his feet. With the help of an orthotic, your child’s foot will have the support it needs to develop an arch and help learn proper foot mechanics.

The best place to find orthotics is by consulting with your podiatrist. This way, the orthotic can be fitted specifically to your child’s foot. Custom fit kiosks at stores are not able to do this effectively. If you want to help your child overcome flat feet, contact a podiatrist  at Podiatry Associates 303-805-5156 and schedule your consultation today at one of our Castle Pines, Cherry Creek, or Parker, CO locations.