Is the hard bump on my child’s foot a tumor?

Hard bumps on children's feetNot all hard bumps on your child’s foot are tumors. Some develop under stress, like a pump bump. Others could be the result of a deformity, like a bunion or bunionette. Sometimes hard bumps are related to serious injuries, like a dislocation or broken bone. Other times, however, they are just extra bone tissue that your child is born with. This is the case for something called accessory navicular syndrome. This is a problem with a small, extra bone on the inside of the arch, where the posterior tibial tendon supports the foot.

Normally this extra bone becomes more of an issue when the feet are done developing and start to mature during adolescence. The bones harden and the bump becomes more prominent. Pressure on the inside of the foot and stress on the arch can aggravate the accessory navicular and cause swelling around it, leading to pain in the small bump. There are ways to alleviate pain from this issue, and from all the other non-cancerous hard bumps in the lower limbs. Just let our team at Podiatry Associates, P.C. in Castle Pines, Cherry Creek in Denver, and Parker, CO, help you. Make an appointment online, or call (303) 805-5156.