How soon can I return to running after runner’s knee?

knee injury after runningExactly when it’s safest to return to running after a runner’s knee injury depends on a number of factors, including how serious the injury is, your fitness level, how experienced of a runner you are, and whether or not you were able to cross-train while recovering. Typically you are able to return to running when you no longer feel pain in your knee. The key is that you only run as long as you do not have pain. Start slowly and don’t go as far as you normally might, stopping at the first sign of discomfort. Walk regularly, and stretch and strengthen your leg muscles. You might need to change your footwear or orthotics as well, particularly if you are prone to overpronation.

A physical therapy specialist like Dr. Jennifer Molner can help you evaluate your runner’s knee and safe return to running. Our experts will help you create and follow a plan to care for your knees so you’re able to continue your sport. Don’t let runner’s knee stop you in your tracks. Contact Castle Pines Physical Therapy or Cherry Creek Physical Therapy in Castle Pines and Cherry Creek, CO, for an appointment to take care of your joints today. You can reach us online or by calling (303) 805-5156.