How is lower back pain treated?

Physical therapy for back painTreating lower back pain can vary depending on the underlying cause of the discomfort, but there are a few remedies that may help no matter what the cause. Rest is one of the most important ones. Cut back on your activities and avoid energetic actions that cause pain. Use heat packs to help relax muscles and encourage circulation in the painful area. If you recently injured your back, though, use ice to decrease swelling and inflammation. In some cases, pain medications may be appropriate. Our physical therapists will help determine what medication, if any, would be best for you.

Physical therapy and specific exercises are especially important. These stretch out tightened back muscles and can help strengthen the surrounding areas of your core, relieving the strain on your back. Stomach exercises are particularly important, since they are directly opposite the lower back and help support it. The MLS pain laser is also a treatment option for both acute and chronic back discomfort. If you’re struggling with back pain at all, let our team help. Contact our physical therapists at Castle Pines Physical Therapy in Castle Pines, CO, or Cherry Creek Physical Therapy in Denver, CO, by calling (303) 805-5156 or using our website.