How does diagnostic ultrasound for the feet work?

Diagnostic ultrasound for foot conditions is done in a similar way to ultrasounds for monitoring pregnancies or for identifying gall bladder stones. It bounces high-frequency sounds waves off your soft tissues, creating a picture from the reflected waves.

The whole process is simple and takes place in the office. One of our specialists will apply special gel to your foot to help the sound waves transmit smoothly. Then we will touch the probe to your skin and manipulate it so it “sees” the whole area being tested. The waves pass through the skin and bounce off the soft tissues at different times. The probe then receives these reflected sound waves and translates them into a picture that we are able to “read” on a monitor.

This is particularly useful for torn connective tissues, tumors, swollen nerves, and thickening in places like the plantar fascia, since these issues are hard to see on other images, like X-rays. Let us help you by accurately diagnosing your foot condition. Call (303) 805-5156 or make an appointment online to visit our Castle Pines, Parker, or Cherry Creek, CO office.