How can I treat my swollen feet?

Compression socks can help stop swellingTreating swelling feet involves both addressing the symptoms and the underlying cause. Mild edema usually goes away on its own, or with simple treatment, like elevation or compression. Elevation means keeping your feet at least parallel to the ground. Compression involves wearing special stockings or a wrap bandage around your lower limb. Exercising and adjusting positions can help with swelling as well. Try to exercise regularly, and avoid sitting or standing without change for extended periods of time. Massaging the swollen tissues may also improve the problem.

Serious edema that results from diseases, allergic reactions, or other conditions may need medications and more intensive treatments to address the problem. Underlying health problems like heart conditions or circulatory problems will need to be managed to truly eliminate the edema. If you’re struggling at all with swelling feet or ankles, let our team at Podiatry Associates, P.C. help you identify the source and alleviate the discomfort. Make an appointment at our Castle Pines, Parker, or Cherry Creek, CO offices online. You can also call (303) 805-5156.