How can I prevent bursitis in my feet?

Bursitis painAvoiding bursitis is not only possible, it is actually the best option for your lower limbs. Typically this condition is caused by overuse in your feet or ankles. The strain aggravates the bursa, irritating it and causing painful inflammation. To prevent bursitis, you need to support your lower limbs and reduce strain that could cause overuse.

Wearing the right shoes is one of the biggest factors for preventing this condition. Use styles that have cushioned insoles, wide toe boxes, low heels, and appropriate support through the arch to help your feet absorb pressure. Orthotics can help correct biomechanical weaknesses and supplement the support in your shoes. Stretch out your feet regularly to keep tendons from getting too tight and aggravating a bursa. Make sure you condition yourself carefully for all your activities so your lower limbs are able to handle the pressure. If you notice any pain, rest and address it.

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