How can I prevent blisters?

To prevent blisters from forming, you need to eliminate the damaging friction between your skin and your footwear. Wear fitted, moisture-wicking socks, particularly when you are active. Sometimes layering thin and slightly thicker socks can help reduce friction even further if a simple sock change is not enough. Always wear shoes that fit correctly for your foot shape, length, and width so your feet don’t get squeezed. Choose a style that is appropriate for your activities, too—don’t wear fancy fashion boots to go hiking, or sandals to go running, for example.

When you get new shoes, particularly work boots or other types of active wear, take a little time to break them in before subjecting them to heavy use and hours of wear. That way they have time to mold to your feet without giving you blisters. If you know certain areas of your lower limbs are prone to blistering, protect them with athletic tape or moleskin pads. If you suffer frequent blisters, let Podiatry Associates, P.C. help you take care of your lower limbs. You can contact our offices online, or call (303) 805-5156 to reach our locations in Cherry Creek, Parker, and Castle Pines, CO.