Does balance training really work?

Balance training can helpBalance training can actually help you improve your proprioception and overall balance, if done correctly. Proprioception is your body’s ability to recognize where you are in space so you can adjust and balance effectively. This means you know exactly where each limb is and can adjust their functions appropriately. After an injury like an ankle sprain, not only are your ligaments overstretched and painful, but they also lose some of their proprioception. This makes your joint both weaker and more unstable overall, increasing the likelihood that it will “give out” underneath you.

Balance training works to strengthen the tissues supporting a joint and re-train your body to adjust to sudden changes in the ground below you without you having to think about it consciously. This can help you balance better in your daily life as well as in sports. You don’t have to wait for an injury to start balance training, either. This therapy can be a preventative measure. Let Castle Pines Physical Therapy in Castle Pines or Cherry Creek CO, help you improve your balance. Make an appointment online or by calling (303) 805-5156.