Can my injury be helped by manual therapy alone?

Manual therapy is a useful branch of physical therapy and it can be immensely helpful for treating injuries. In some cases it can be the primary method to relax tightened tissues, relieve pain, and increase your flexibility. Whether or not it’s the only treatment you need will entirely depend on your unique body and what caused your injury in the first place. Many people will need additional treatments, such as orthotics to better stabilize limbs and even pain medication. If you have swelling and inflammation, you might need RICE treatments to ease your pain and speed up healing.

Whether or not manual therapy is the only treatment you use to treat your injury, the key is to seek care for your pain as soon as possible. The quicker an injury is treated, the easier it is to manage and to heal with conservative treatments. Our team of physical therapists will be happy to help you with every step of your recovery. Contact Castle Pines Physical Therapy or Cherry Creek Physical therapy in Castle Pines and Denver, CO, for an appointment today. You can reach us online or by calling (303) 805-5156.