Your Bunion Treatment Checklist

Treating your bunionSpring in Colorado is a wonderful time of year with as many activities sprouting up as flowers! However, if bunion pain has gotten to the point that even the thought of getting out for some springtime fun makes you cringe, well, that’s a sure-fire sign you need some extra help managing your condition.

Let’s go through the bunion treatment checklist. Have you tried…

  • Shoes with plenty of toe room that are made of materials which accommodate your bony bump?
  • Orthotics that redirect pressure away from your bunion and correct issues that may be causing extra irritation?
  • Stretches for your big toe that strengthen ligaments, promote flexibility, and encourage proper alignment?
  • Bunion splints that hold your toe in the correct position?
  • Padding to add a layer of protection between your bunion and your shoe?
  • Icing the area and taking anti-inflammatory medication to ease pain and swelling?

If you answered yes to everything on this list, yet still haven’t found relief, it is likely time for you to consider bunion surgery, especially if pain interferes with your activities and stops you from doing the things you enjoy most.

There are several different types of bunion surgery procedures. Which procedure is best depends upon the severity of your condition and the lifestyle you lead. We will take all of this into consideration and explain your options thoroughly so you can feel confident with your decision. Keep in mind that recovery times vary, but are our MLS laser can help make your recovery shorter and less painful. During this time, you can relax and enjoy the beautiful spring weather, and when all is said and done, and your pain is gone, the down time will be totally worth it!  You’ll be back doing the things you love before you know it.

So, if your bunion pain is resistant to everything you’ve tried, call Podiatry Associates, P.C. at (303) 805-5156 so we can discuss if bunion surgery is right for you and get you the help you need.
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