The Perils of Persistent Foot Pain

Runner with chronic foot painPersistence is great when you’re working toward a goal, like running the Turkey Day 5K in Parker on Thanksgiving. If your training has been interrupted by persistent foot pain, however, it can definitely get in the way of achieving your PR or even running the race at all!

Pain that lingers and just won’t go away shouldn’t be ignored. Instead of trying to power through it, you are better off trying to figure out why it’s occurring so you can do something about it.

Often, chronic pain in your feet is caused by overuse. Repetitive stress, like logging a lot of miles, day in and day out, can result in irritated and inflamed tissues, like in the case of plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis. Bones can weaken and crack as well, causing problems like stress fractures. Taking some time off or opting to cross-train with lower impact activities like swimming or biking will help ease pain and avoid it in the future.

Another common cause of chronic pain is an injury that has healed incorrectly. If you sprained your ankle on that trail run a few weeks ago, and just kept right on running, odds are the muscles and tendons were not given the time they needed to heal properly and thus could continue to nag you, eventually causing chronic instability on top of pain. If you sustain an injury, it’s important to give it the time it needs to heal before returning to your normal routine.

Certain foot structures and poor biomechanics can also lead to pain in your arches, balls of your feet, and your heel. Orthotics are great for correcting faulty mechanics and providing the support and cushion where you need it most.

Finally, persistent foot pain can be a sign of an underlying condition like arthritis or diabetes that needs to be treated. All the more reason to stop what you’re doing and head on in to see us. If you just can’t shake the pain, let us evaluate your feet and determine the cause behind your chronic pain so the appropriate treatment can be administered. We know rest is a four letter word when you’ve got a goal in mind, but a short hiatus now will keep you from a long recovery later.

If you currently have nagging aches and pains, call (303) 805-5156 for an appointment so we can help you be ready to run come Turkey Day!
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