Build Endurance, Prevent Heel Pain

Endurance has been a prized trait throughout history. Just look at the story of the first marathon: a runner endures a grueling trek to bring news of a victory to his countrymen. Enduring something like that takes a lot of strength and a lot of training. It doesn’t come easily—and it can definitely come with plenty of aches and pains. Issues like heel pain, however, aren’t your normal training soreness. You can prevent heel pain while still building up your endurance.

Endurance training involves a lot of repetition and hard work to train your body, with sufficient rest afterwards to allow your limbs and tissues to recover. Most injuries, including heel pain, come from improper or over training that wears on the body over time. Building up endurance while preventing heel pain means taking precautions to protect and support your feet:

  • Rest – In between your training days, rest your body—and really do it! Don’t stress your feet much in particular, but give your whole body a break.
  • Cross-train – Take time to cross-train in other ways, like lifting weights to build strength, or doing activities you don’t normally do. This challenges your body in new ways, giving you a break from the repetitive motions that could cause heel pain.
  • Stretch your feet – Take time every day to stretch your feet and your Achilles tendons. This helps prevent stiffness and tightening that could be a problem later.
  • Wear the right shoes – Choose the right shoes for your sport, and make sure they support your feet correctly to avoid unnecessary strain.
  • Get extra support – If shoes aren’t enough, use orthotics to support and cushion your heels, or even control abnormal motion.
  • Take your time – Don’t rush your training. Increase your endurance slowly so your heels can keep up.

Heel pain is not an inevitable outcome for your endurance training. It doesn’t have to ruin your sports or force you to take months off. Taking precautions now to protect your heels can help you avoid problems in the long wrong. Don’t take your heels for granted as you build your endurance. Let our experts at Podiatry Associates, P.C. help you train your hardest without pain. Contact us online for more information. You can also call our offices in Cherry Creek, Parker, and Castle Pines, CO, at (303) 805-5156.

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