How Custom Orthotics Help Bunion Pain

OrthoticsA custom orthotic is a shoe insert that is made of hard plastic and is made specifically for your foundation. This is done by taking a plaster mold of your foot in its neutral position. A layman’s definition of “neutral position” is the middle of your foot’s range of motion. This is the most efficient position for your foot to move around, and you can see it when you are sitting. When you stand on your foot, it changes position and it is no longer neutral.

In order for an orthotic to be custom made in your neutral position, it has to be molded in a non-weight bearing situation. An over-the-counter custom fit orthotic is not a custom made orthotic, and will not provide the same benefits.

An orthotic made for your unique feet can help to alleviate bunion pain, because it holds your foot in a position where the great toe joint has better range of motion. This specially designed insert can also place the painful toe joint in a position that does not rub as badly on your shoes. Finally, these devices can help your bunion from getting worse by reducing the forces placed on the affected joint that cause the bunion to develop in the first place. A custom orthotic should be considered when a bunion is first noticed to help prevent it from getting worse.

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