Physical Therapy to Rehabilitate Your Injury and Relieve Pain

Shoulder Injuries   Foot and Ankle Injuries   Elbow and Hand Injuries
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Spine Injuries   Knee Injuries   Hip Injuries
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Full and complete healing often extends past the initial treatment methods used to address painful problems throughout your body. You often need more: rehabilitation, training, and general strengthening and conditioning. This is where physical therapy comes into play. It provides that extra step that your body needs to heal and experience relief, particularly after an injury or surgery.

Keeping You On Your Game

Man running trackOur physical therapists at Castle Pines Physical Therapy and Cherry Creek Physical Therapy are able to provide extensive care and rehabilitation in many areas, though we particularly specialize in sports injuries, post-op rehabilitation, and running injuries:

  • Sports injuries – Whether you love sports as a hobby or treat them like lifestyle, sports injuries can happen to anyone. Getting the painful problem treated right away ensures you aren’t stuck on the bench when you could be enjoying the game. We’ll help tailor a plan to target your injury and strengthen your body for your specific sport.
  • Post-Surgical Rehabilitation – After surgery of any kind, your body must go through a healing process and regain strength. Rehabilitation allows you to take control of your recovery and heal more efficiently so you’re able to get back to your daily life. We work with you to design a plan to meet your unique needs to recover from surgery in a fast, healthy way.
  • Running Injuries – Runners are dedicated athletes that end up putting a lot of stress on their bodies. With the right care and conditioning, you can manage or prevent injuries, keeping you on the go. We’ll create a plan with you to alleviate any discomfort and strengthen your running so you can get back to your regular trails.

Here When and Where You Need Help

Physical therapy of all kinds can apply to every area of your body, particularly your joints, limbs, and back. If you’d like to learn more, check out common injuries and issues physical therapy can help treat below:

  • Shoulder Injuries – From rotator cuff issues to pinched nerves and instability, shoulder conditions can be a weak point that limit motion and make many daily tasks more painful and difficult.
  • Foot and Ankle Injuries – Your feet support your entire body, which can be a lot of pressure. Injuries and overuse can limit your mobility and interrupt your daily life.
  • Elbow and Hand Injuries – You are constantly using your hands and elbows for daily tasks, so pinched nerves, tendon issues, and other injuries or conditions can be quite disruptive.
  • Spine Injuries – Your spine is an important part of your core. Issues like bulging disks, impinged nerves, and even just muscle soreness can leave you laid up with serious pain.
  • Knee Injuries – Athletes are particularly hard on their knees, but anyone can struggle with instability, tendonitis, and simple arthritis pain that limits your ability to enjoy your hobbies.
  • Hip Injuries – Bursitis, tendonitis, instability, dislocations, and even fractures can plague your hips and make standing and walking difficult.

The good news is that, for each of these areas, basic physical therapy can make a big difference for not only relieving pain but also healing and correcting the problem. Our skilled physical therapists work hand-in-hand with your podiatrist, surgeon, and other doctors to design and execute an individualized treatment plan to meet your personal needs.

What to Expect with Our Physical Therapists

Contact Our Physical Therapy CenterOur noninvasive treatment methods can manage issues at any stage in their development. Here’s what you can expect working with our team of specialists:

  • One-on-One Treatment Sessions - During physical therapy we offer one-on-one treatment sessions to optimize your rehabilitation. With a training program put together by someone who understands your body and how to prevent future injuries, you can be confident that you stay fit while minimizing your risk for injury.
  • Preventative Care - You never want to have to go through a major surgery or suffer from a serious injury again. In your treatment, you will also learn preventative measures you can take to help ensure your injuries do not happen again so you’re better for the long term.

We’re Here to Help Every Step of the Way

At Castle Pines and Cherry Creek Physical Therapy, treatment programs are established by skilled clinicians and are targeted to your individual body and its specific needs. Care plans are tailored to the most functional rehabilitation for you to return to the activities that aremost important to you. Our physical therapists will work with you, step by step, to relieve pain, improve strength, mobility and control as well as optimize function. We look forward to making the most of your rehabilitation at Castle Pines and Cherry Creek Physical Therapy.

Some of the treatment options available in our facility include:

  • Orthopedic Physical Therapy: Treatments focus on restoring issues with your muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments.
  • Joint Mobilization/Manipulation: Manual therapy technique with varying grades of intensity targeting skeletal joints to improve motion.
  • Soft Tissue Mobilization/Manipulation: Manual therapy techniques targeting connective muscle tissue to decrease pain as well as promote healing flexibility.
  • Manual Therapy: Hands on, passive treatment delivered by highly trained physical therapists.
  • Balance/Proprioceptive Training: Improves position sense, coordination, reaction, and stability
  • Neuromuscular Re-education: Recovers or develops effective sensory and motor strategies
  • Modalities: Ultrasound, Electrical Stimulation, Hot and Cold Packs, Iontophoresis Practices
  • Injury Prevention: Prevents or reduces the severity of injuries.    
  • One-on-one Sports-Specific Training: Creates a specific training regimen to strengthen and improve your body for a specific sport or athletic hobby.

No matter what type of surgery or injury you had, the physical therapy teams from Castle Pines Physical Therapy and Cherry Creek Physical Therapy can help. Our trained physical therapists in Castle Pines and Cherry Creek understand what it takes to get you back on your feet fast, while at the same time teaching you how to prevent future injury after a major surgery. Make the most of your recovery by contacting us today. You can reach our offices in Castle Pines and Denver, CO through our website or by calling (303) 805-5156.