Preventative Care and Rehabilitation for Diabetic Feet

Every year, millions of people are hospitalized in the United States for foot problems caused by diabetes. Many of these people are at risk of losing a limb or losing their lives.

Diabetes is a serious disease. One of the most commonly impacted places on a diabetic’s body is the feet. If you suffer from diabetes, you may be at risk of developing infections, ulcers, gangrene, or if your condition is severe, amputation of your toes, foot, or leg.

Diabetic Pain in footTreating Diabetic Foot Problems With Expert Podiatric Care

The longer you have suffered from diabetes, the greater risk you have of developing a serious foot condition. Even when you maintain good blood sugar and blood pressure control, other factors may impact the development of a diabetic foot disorder. These include damage to nerves, poor circulation, and a lower resistance to infection. Foot deformities or trauma may also impact your foot pain or disorders from diabetes.

Fortunately, many of the risks and problems faced by diabetics can be prevented or treated with a little bit of help from a podiatrist. When you visit Podiatry Associates, at our Castle Pines, Cherry Creek, and Parker, CO locations our podiatrist will help you learn how to inspect and care for your feet to prevent infections and ulcers. You will be fitted for the proper footwear that not only gives you relief from foot ailments, but also looks great!

No matter what cause of your diabetic foot pain you have, a podiatrist at Podiatry Associates can help.

  • Preventative care for foot damage from diabetes. If you have diabetes but have not yet developed any foot trauma, it is still a good idea to take precautions to prevent disorders from occurring. When you work with a podiatrist familiar with the impact diabetes can have on your feet, you can learn how to care for your feet properly to avoid painful foot infections or disorders. You can also get the right pair of shoes to give your sensitive feet the support they need so that you reduce your risk of trauma over time.

  • Treatment for foot trauma caused by diabetes. At Podiatry Associates, we treat a wide range of foot disorders that occur as a result of diabetes, including neuropathy, infection, and more. Many diabetics require surgery on their feet at one point or another. You can trust the reputation of our practice. With help from a skilled diabetic foot surgeon, your foot disorder can be treated with corrective foot surgery.

  • Rehabilitation to reduce foot pain. Once a foot disorder is treated, you want to do whatever you can to regain as much usage of your foot as possible and prevent future trauma. Through Castle Pines physical therapy and rehabilitation center or Cherry Creek Physical Therapy, you can rehabilitate your foot after treatment, and learn how to limit the impact diabetes has on your feet in the future.

You don’t have to suffer with foot pain as a diabetic! Let a podiatrist at Podiatry Associates help you prevent, treat, or rehabilitate your feet after you experience trauma from diabetes. Contact Podiatry Associates and schedule an appointment with the team at our Castle Pines, Cherry Creek, or Parker locations today by calling 303-805-5156!