What Does Dr. O Do When She Breaks Her Foot?

What does your foot doctor do when she breaks her foot. Yes, I am just like you - pretending to be Lindsay Vaughn, skiing down the mountain. (Well, I was really on the green slope, but don’t tell anyone…)

Yard-sailed it. All four - lost my skis, lost my poles, tumbled, covered in snow, head to toe. Stood up and I thought, ‘Oh, shoot. I think I broke my foot.’ Skied down to the bottom of the hill, met my girlfriends - no, they didn’t see it happen. It hurt. I went up to listen to some music, and I faked it. I faked it well - no one knew. Listened to music for about an hour, got up from the chair, walking to the car - limped, nothing I could do. Everybody knew. ‘What happened, Cindy? What happened?’

‘Oh, I think I broke my foot.’

And I was stuck in the mountains! I iced and I heated, I iced and I heated. I did contrast baths, I stayed off of my foot until I could get back to the office for x-rays. After I realized that I had broken the anterior process of my calcaneus, I got the boot. I got the socks. Pulled the socks on, pulled my boot on, tucked my pants inside, and went about my business. The one thing I did is I let myself heal. I didn’t exercise, I stayed off my foot as much as I could. I iced all of the time. I ran my foot on the pain laser. Yes, I was worried about getting fat too, but I knew I had to heal my foot. About four weeks later, because I was the ideal patient, I took my boot off and I started my rehabilitation. My ankle didn’t move. It was so tight from being in my boot. My foot was sore. I thought I was going to be able to run a half a mile or ten miles that first day - not a chance! I worked with yoga, I worked with physical therapy. A month after that, I was running on it again. I was happy again because I could be outside enjoying Colorado. But the one thing I did do was follow my instructions, and it worked. I’m healed and I’m back to action!

Dr. Cynthia Oberholtzer-Classen, DPM
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