Are You Embarrassed by Your Discolored Toenails? Our Podiatrists Can Help

Do you know just how important it is to check your toenails for discoloration? Nail discoloration can result from different infections or medical conditions, causing nails to appear yellow, green, or white. If you have a discolored toenail, you should watch this video to find out some possible treatment options.

Depending on the color of your toenail, a podiatrist will have a window into your body’s health. You may be dealing with a fungal infection, bacterial infection, skin disorder, or an injury to your toenail. Once the cause of your discolored nail has been determined, you can hear about possible treatment options. For example, if you have a fungal infection of the nail, your treatment may involve a topical medication, oral medication or laser treatment to eliminate your toenail fungus infection.

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Dr. Cynthia Oberholtzer-Classen, DPM
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