What Happens During Sports Injury Rehabilitation?

You love playing your favorite sports. When you get hurt and can no longer enjoy these activities, it can be downright frustrating. You may need surgery to fix the damage. Afterwards, you must go through sports injury rehabilitation to fully heal and reduce your risk of the injury happening again. All of this takes time, and you may wonder what you should expect as you go through the rehabilitation process.

When you see your sports injury physical therapist at Castle Pines Physical Therapy, you will receive an individualized rehabilitation plan. This plan will be made specific to your injury level by taking into account factors, such as your age, health, type of injury, area of the injury, and more.

There are several ways you can treat sports injuries. The plan for your rehabilitation will include some of the following types of therapy:

  • Orthopedic physical therapy
  • Therapeutic exercise
  • Manual therapy
  • Balance/proprioceptive training
  • Neuromuscular re-education
  • Electrical stimulation
  • Medical treatment
  • Ultrasound
  • Hot or Cold therapy
  • Injury prevention
  • One-on-one sports-specific training
  • Custom orthotics

It is important to remember that you will not be fully recovered overnight. As much as many athletes want a full and immediate recovery, rehabilitation takes time. If you want to prevent future injuries from happening, it is important to follow the plan closely and go through the treatments prescribed to you.

The length of time you will need to go through rehabilitation for a sports injury in varies depending on your injury. Each patient is assessed before and after surgery, and again throughout the treatment process. Some factors that may influence how long your rehabilitation will last include the severity of your injury, the cause of your injury, the impairments you experienced as a result of your injury, pain management, and how quickly you make progress toward your goals.

Before you go into surgery for your sports injury, it is important to get a treatment plan in place so you can get started with your rehabilitation as quickly as possible. Contact Castle Pines Physical Therapy and Cherry Creek Physical Therapy today by calling 303-805-5156 or writing to us online to schedule your consultation.