Need More Information? Read Through Articles From Our Castle Pines Physical Therapists

Patient RoomYou don’t have to live in pain! Learn more about your ailments and the treatments you need by browsing this informative library of articles from our foot and ankle doctors at Podiatry Associates and our physical therapists at Castle Pines Physical Therapy.

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  • Dry Needling Does Muscles Good Podiatry Associates, P.C. explains what dry needling is and how this type of physical therapy can help relieve muscle tension and pain.
  • Exercise and Diabetes Exercise is great for your physical health, particularly when you have diabetes. Dr. Jennifer Molner explains how exercising safely helps your body.
  • Recovering from Concussions Concussion recovery can be a long path—but physical therapy can make it easier. Dr. Jennifer Molner explains head injuries and how PT can help.
  • Manual Physical Therapy Manual therapy is a physical therapy technique that helps conservative alleviate pain and restore joints. Dr. Jennifer Molner explains how it works.
  • The Importance of Balance Training Balance is important for the body in so many ways and, importantly, it can be improved. The Castle Pines Physical Therapy team discuss balance training.
  • Dynamic Stretching: The Better Way to Warm Up Stretching keeps an active body injury-free, but not all stretches are the same. Dr. O in Parker explains why dynamic stretching benefits athletes.
  • Children’s Physical Therapy Sometimes your child needs physical therapy to maintain or regain normal physical functions. Dr. Jennifer Molner explains the why and how of therapy.
  • Types of Physical Therapy for Injury Rehab Different physical therapy practices are used to treat different problems. Dr. Jennifer Molner in Castle Pines, CO, explains various types of therapy.
  • Post-Operative Rehabilitation: A Full Recovery Making a full recovery after any kind of limb or joint surgery involves physical therapy. Dr. Jennifer Molner explains post-operative rehabilitation.
  • Castle Pines Physical Therapy Patient Forms If you are a new patient of Castle Pines Physical Therapy, please complete these forms and bring them with you to your first appointment.